Water Park


The water park will open Memorial Day from 10am-2pm. To make reservations for the water park click here. For more information you may also call us at 864-487-4556. 



Age Restrictions: Children 12 and under must have direct adult supervision. Ages 13 and older may enter the water park without adult supervision.


  • No outside food or drinks are allowed including coolers.
  • No parties will be allowed during open swim time. (birthday, church, sports teams, etc.)
  • The lifeguards have final authority on all rules and safety regulations.
  • A shower is recommended before entering the pool.
  • A lifeguard must be on duty for the pool to be used.
  • Running, pushing, shoving are not allowed.
  • Anyone having an open wound or contagious disease is prohibited from using the pool.
  • All children and adults are required to wear a bathing suit. Age appropriate children are required to have a waterproof swim diaper on underneath a bathing suit.
  • The use of the water park is at your own risk.

Slide Rules:

  • Sliders must be 4 feet tall and be able to swim to use the slides. Sliders under 4 feet tall or non-swimmers are required to pass a swim test before using the slide.
  • Swim wear with exposed zipers, buckles, rivets, or metal buttons is not permitted. These could cause damage to the slides and/or injury to a child.
  • No tubes, mats, life jackets, or flotation devices are allowed on the big slide.
  • When exiting the big slide please swim forward to the exit ladders.
  • Please keep the slide exit clear.
  • Only one slider is allowed to slide down at a time.
  • Sliders are not allowed to go down head first.
  • Sliders must be under 250 lbs.
  • Riders must be in good health. Pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back trouble should not ride the water slide.
  • Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of the water slide or failure to follow these rules.